Imam Machali


The team of Search and Rescue (SAR) Parangtritis Bantul beach
is an organization under the auspices of special region of Yogyakarta’s
Search and Rescue (SAR). This team of Search and Rescue (SAR) has
an activity that contain Islamic education. Islamic education activities
of Search and Rescue (SAR) of Parangtritis beach is Mujahadah
activity that held in front of the Search and Rescue (SAR)’s posts under
the region of Parangtritis Beach. Departing from things above, this
research intends to describe analysis result with critical and profound
about Islamic education to the team of Search and Rescue (SAR) of
Parangtritis Beach of Bantul Yogyakarta.
This research includes the category of field research, with
qualitative research type which is using analytical descriptive approach.
Accumulation of the data method is using the analysis that developed
by Milles and Hubberman, consist of three steps that is, the reduction
of the data, the presentation of the data, and draw conclusion. For the
checking of the validity of the data the researchers use triangulation of
sources. The result of this research is: 1) Islamic education towards the team
of the Search and Rescue (SAR) Parangtritis beach Bantul Yogyakarta
using religion activities like Mujahadah that the aim is based on the
highest and general aim of Islamic education like approach to God,
maintain the relation between human and their environment. 2)
Religion behavior of the team of Search and Reascue (SAR) Parangtritis
beach Bantul Yogyakarta seen from the religiosity concept that is
expressed by Glock and Stark that have compatibility with Islam in
the certain level like belief in God, Mujahadah activities, consistency
of Mujahadah. Religious behavior of the team of Search and Rescue
(SAR) Parangtritis beach Bantul was motivated by religion, beliefs,
social-culture, and economics


Islamic Education, Religion Behavior, Team of Search and Reascue

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